One Million by 65

When I was working one day on my lunch break I sat and ate Thai Food with my best friend. The owner of the restaurant stopped for a moment to speak with us and she told us that she had something that we would be interested in. I wasn’t sure what it was but she intrigued me. She have me her card and I called to get more information. I was then invited to an presentation that changed my life forever. At the time I had my two girls and I had not saved any money for them to go to college. I was a single mom trying to make ends meet while at the same time going to school to open up better opportunities to support my family. When I sat through the presentation a light bulb went on and then realized I could make sure my children were set for life if I started saving right away.


I was introduced to compound interest and how it could change your life if you truly understood it. So here is what I learned: The more interest you make on your money the faster you can reach your financial goals. I was shown how I could invest in the index and earn 7-8% over time and double my money every 9 years. So I wanted to figure out how I could save a million dollars for retirement for each one of my children. These are the numbers that I came up with to reach my financial goals. If I were to invest $107 for the next 58 years my daughter will be a millionaire.


10 years $13,567

20 years $44,195

30 years $109,960

40 years $250,501

50 years $548,525

60 years $1.1 million


Now this was blowing my mind. I could set my children up for success by putting away $107 a month? Unbelievable. This changed my thinking about how I invest my money and making sure that I always make room in my budget to save. This simple concept could change the game for my family for life. Now, the savings tool that was introduced to me had other major features but this savings feature really caught my eye and was the main reason why I was attracted to the product.