Learn ways to boost your income while boosting your savings.


If you are anything like me I am always looking for ways to boost my income so I can save more. It is important for me to get ahead and be financially free from debt and worry about how I am going to pay the next bill, or worrying about the what if scenario. What if I get sick and I am not able to work or if my
husband gets sick how will I take off to take care of him? What if I get laid off? How will I take care of all my responsibilities? All these questions were running through my mind as I was reading the book Money Master the Game by Tony Robbins. In this book he talks about ways to start saving more towards your financial goals.
1) Look through your budget and start finding ways to save. Save more and invest the difference.

2) Earn More and invest the difference.

3) Reduce fees and taxes and invest the difference.

After reading Tony Robbins book it made me start thinking of my financial future differently. It made start looking at ways I could reachmy savings goals faster and more efficiently. I started using a budget to see where all my money was going and discovered ways that I could save by eliminating unnecessary spending. Then I started looking for ways I could earn extra income. I began looking at business ideas especially since I work in the financial industry. I wanted to see what business I could get into while I still worked my professional job.

I sometimes see post about people not wanting to be entrepreneurs and not wanting to take the risk of starting you own business but one thing I will say is that there all types of things that people can do to make extra money. Do not limit yourself because this can be the difference of you reaching financial freedom earlier in life or having enough saved for the unforeseen.

If you would like to get a copy of my spreadsheet that helped me budget my monthly expenses and more information what I am doing to earn an extra $800 a month. Please click on the link below and I will send that to you.

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